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Simple Inexpensive Cloche

By Heirloom Ridge | Blog | 2 Mar 2020 |

Easy DIY Choche

If you are anything like me and start your seeds early in the house, by the time you transplant the seedlings into your garden you can have several weeks of time invested in your plant babies.

Planting out your garden with these seedlings is an exciting time for the gardener......but, it is also an exciting time for 'critters' because your newly planted seedlings are a smorgasbord of lovely tender green shoots for them to eat.........This is where a cloche can help.

A cloche is simply a cover of some sort you can place over your tender plants to protect them from critters and harsh weather. Cloche’s are available form many garden stores and look great in your garden as well as giving protection but they can be pricey......

Enter DIY and a little imagination

DIY Cloche

I was able to pick up this waste bin form a discount store for only $2.........all you really have to do is turn it upside down and your done..... but If you are wanting something a little more like the beautiful pictures you see on Pintrest than stay with me. The only extra’s you need are a cupboard knob, a washer and screw, and some spray paint.

To make the Cloche more functional find the center of the waste bin bottom and push the screw through and attach the knob.

Now for the fun part......... use an old cardboard box to contain the spray and give you Cloche a couple of light sprays of whatever colour paint you choose. I had Oil Rubbed Bronze in my stash so that is what I used. If you were wanting to add a pop of colour to your garden maybe consider a bright pink or aqua blue!!

Now once since your cloche will be out in the elements the paint will come off over time but that just adds to the rustic charm of your little DIY Cloche.

PS If you are planting out frost tender seedlings early in the spring, wrap some plastic wrap or row cover fabric around your cloche to give some protection form the elements!

DIY Cloche Painted

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