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Like so may, my passion for gardening began as a child. I would spend hours with my Nanna in her garden, learning what was (..and what was not..) a weed, watering the garden, picking flowers and harvesting tomatoes.
Nasturtiums grew under her old Hills Hoist and my Nanna would show me how to collect the seeds and sow them in other garden beds so we could grow even more flowers. That there was the beginning........
Over the years I discovered permaculture, started keeping chickens and became intentional about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Growing a productive vegetable garden allows me to feed my family with food that has not travelled miles but just meters!
As I have learned more about plant varieties and seed saving I have became aware that maintaining the genetic diversity of Heirloom, Rare and Open pollinated seeds is something important, not just now for us, but for future generations.
Along the way my seed collection has grown, as I seek out as many rare, unique and heirloom varieties as I can find.......... you know how it goes! 
In 2020 my husband and I decided to launch Heirloom Ridge, as a place we can share these seeds and their stories with other people just like us!
If you have any questions please feel free contact us below.........
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Autumn Is just around the corner.

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